Curaizon (CTKN) ICO

updated 09 October 2018

Improving Healthcare, Reducing Costs & Saving Lives

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Status: ended
Public sale: 01 Jun`18-31 Oct`18
Cap: 25 000 000 USD
Goal: No info
Price: 1 CTKN = 0.2 USD
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Improving Healthcare, Reducing Costs & Saving Live

CuraServe™ is a complete healthcare ecosystem that improves drug adherence and brings game-changing benefits to patients and healthcare providers. We use a series of outreach tools and messages, supported by predictive modeling and behavioral analytics, to increase the rate of drug adherence. As our CuraServe™ solution helps patients, it’s also generating a vast amount of patient data. That data is then anonymized and made available through CuraData™. The only way that pharmaceutical companies, academics and researchers can access this data by purchasing CuraTokens™.

Curaizon™ is unique because our CuraServe™ solution generates the information that drives the value of our CuraData™ platform. We’re not simply offering another way of storing, sharing or mining data. Our data is the first-of-its-kind insight into real-time patient behaviour and adherence. Through our collaborations with research institutions, national health services and biotech companies, we shall create one of the most powerful and valuable data sources in healthcare. Our data and analytics will finally give the health and pharmaceutical industries the tools they have been looking for to bring about the change patients need. Leveraging our contracts with healthcare providers, we can quickly build an ecosystem of mutually beneficial stakeholders within the value chain.

ICO dates

CuraToken Pre-Sale: June 1, 2018 - June 8, 2018

CuraToken Public Sale: June 8 2018 – September 8, 2018