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A security platform for autonomous vehicles based on blockchain technology 

Cap:72 000 ETH
Goal:120 000 ETH
Price:1 ETH = 1000 tokens
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CUBE's Blockchain Layer

The key to Blockchain is that technology ensures trust. CUBE uses block-chain technology to ensure the security of autonomous mobile networks. In the operation of autonomous vehicles, many IOTs provide information to autonomous vehicles. The attacker seeks to gain access to the network between an autonomous car and IoT or traffic center. In such instances, the hash of the infected binary differs from the hash included in the multisig transaction which is signed by the SW provider and the OEM. Thus, the vehicles can readily detect such an attack before installing the infected SW update. Distribution of a false update by claiming to be the OEM or SW update provider could be ceased since the overlay nodes are aware of the Public Key of the OEM and the SW update provider. Therefore, the attacker cannot claim to be either of these entities as it requires the private key associated with the Public Key of the relevant entities.

CUBE's AI Deep Learning Layer

This layer will be applied partly from 2019, and will be commercialized from 2020.At present, network security is a passive system that collects patches to prevent the reuse of methods used in past cases of hacking.Cube will train, in supervisor mode, using the past as a primary case to construct a defense system against future attacks by creating malicious attack scenarios that are likely to be made hundreds of millions of times. Cube’s intrusion detection system, using deep neural networks for vehicle network security, has two parts, a discriminative deep architecture and a generative deep architecture, depending on how the architectures are exploited. After the pre-training phase is complete, fine-tuning will be performed using the gradient descent method with supervised learning. While blockchain is used as the first and main security method, AI deep learning-based security will guarantee the double defense system.

CUBE's Quantum Hashing Cryptography Layer

Blockchain has improved security by using hashes appropriately. However, there is a growing concern that as the performance of computers grows rapidly, hash cryptography can become a limitation. Cube develops quantum cryptography to prevent malicious attacks against autonomous vehicles. This Quantum Cryptography will contribute not only to the autonomous drive, but also to the overall upgrade of the entire Blockchain technology. This Quantum Hashing Cryptography Layer will be applied from 2022. Cube's quantum hash technology will provide an important opportunity to ensure a high level of security throughout the blockchain field using simple hash technology. Cube increases the level of security by using continuously changing quantum characteristics, The characteristics that the data receive depend on the angle of polarization; further, the characteristics of the data are destroyed at the moment of a malicious attack.

CUBE's Bigdata - Business as Another Profit Model

While Cube provides a blockchain-based security service, it will also build a platform for autonomous car owners to sell their operating records as big data. The operation records of current autonomously driven cars are a valuable asset for the technological development of the autonomously driven cars of the future. The problem is that, even if we seek to store only “important” information, this still involves tens of thousands of pieces of information every day. This data will be saved for users in the decentralized blockchain, which will reduce high server costs. Cube will use its deep learning system to upgrade the mode of operation of its autonomous vehicles. Big data from these autonomous vehicles’ driving records can provide personalized premium service to each car owner.

Expert's Review

In a future where blockchain based applications dominate technology, many anticipate autonomous vehicles will roam the highways. Cube, the company behind the cube token is looking to be the leader in autonomous vehicle security by implementing a three-level security platform that makes use of not only a blockchain, but AI and Quantum hashing. To date, no software program has been able to defeat potential attacks on networks and with up to 30% of autonomous vehicles needing some technology for wheel and brake control Cube believes it is the perfect fit.

The CUBE team originally founded Greencar car-sharing back in 2007 which now features over 5,000 cars. Their goal now is to penetrate the $1.7 trillion global automotive market and allow car users to not only use the CUBE platform while driving but allowing for secure upgrades remotely.  It’s founder Bong H. Lee, who not only believes in transparency but accountability as evident by CUBE’s promise to provide a public audit and quarterly management report has paired up with engineers and developers across the globe for the answer to next generation vehicle security.

How does the CUBE Platform work? Well first one must understand how much autonomous cars rely on wireless communication. Things like navigation, gps, and external driving data sources are constantly in communication so the car can monitor its internal and outside states. By interacting with many networks this increases attempts for malicious attacks and that’s where the CUBE platform comes in.

By combining blockchain based security, AI deep learning processes and quantum hash cryptography CUBE is establishing itself to be a one of a kind technology in a very import industry. The first part of this platform is the blockchain layer. CUBE’s blockchain layer removes the current problems of centralization, lack of privacy and safety threats by creating an ecosystem of public and private blockchains all in one.

CUBEs autonomous vehicle security makes each car or entity a node and uses its hybrid (public and private) chain that solve public blockchains slow speed and scalable programs and private blockchains lack of decentralized. Reaching consensus in a proof of share manner automakers will have exclusive rights to data upgrades such as super nodes firmware for each autonomous vehicle. These costs will go direct back into the network to those that are staking on CUBE’s Proof of Stake platform.

The blockchain layer will be used by CUBE to handle communication between each vehicle and the internet of things network. As each IOT device and car becomes a node they can work hand in hand. they will work hand in hand.

After layer one (blockchain layer) is conducted on the network the CUBE platform will expand its focus to machine learning cryptography in an effort to constantly evolve to the latest in technology threats. Even more so when computer power continues to expand and reaches a quantum hashing level, CUBE aims to become quantum hashing proof to maintain security on the network.

Looking to offer 72 million of its 120 million Cube Tokens, the CUBE platform has some big aspirations and is looking to be a global leader. And while the team is qualified from a data science and car industry perspective, there doesn’t seem to be any glaring blockchain experience or there no evidence of a public test net at the moment. Regardless, the future is bright for the CUBE platform as autonomous vehicle security will be a trillion-dollar market in the future as whoever can solve the number one problem of information security will be a big winner and potential the next global car player such as Honda or Ford.