CryptoSoft (CSC) ICO

updated 01 January 2018

The first complete cryptoMining ecosystem!

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Status: ended
Public sale: 01 Nov`17-30 Nov`17
Cap: No info
Goal: No info
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About CryptoSoft

CryptoSoft is a complete cryptoCurrency mining ecosystem and it's main goal is to make mining more accessible, more profitable and safer on the long term. A platform where you can mine "profesionally" with actual rigs or where you can use your desktop to even mine on low end GPU's and even CPU's.

There's 4 big parts that make up the ecosystem:

  1. Mining platform
  2. StakeMining platform
  3. StakeBid platform
  4. Exchange platform

All of them are being 'fueled' by our currency called 5. CryptoSoft Coins.

If you have ever tried to mine cryptocurrencies you probably understand when I say that - it's really not accessible to everyone, takes a lot of effort to get everything right and it's really not that effective/profitable most of the time.
There's a lot of reasons for this and not a lot of alternatives on the market that solve any of these problems.

This is not a presentation for an ICO, this is a working product, a complete ecosystem, a platform that offers all one user would need in order to make revenue.

There's a lot of sub-platforms that make up the complete CryptoSoft system - each and everyone of them was built with only one purpose: to have a complete circle for buyers-sellers and to offer the most chances for the end user to maximize his income.

We have no intentions to create a pump 'n dump coin, this is not a random ICO that's offering absolutely nothing innovate except for adding the word "decentralized" everywhere they can so they can sound smart - this is a tool with a potential to become the centre of crypto mining.

If you're a miner and looking to make revenue exclusively from mining - we definitely got you covered: our miner is dumb-proof, and our platform is insanely minimalistic and once you follow the simple steps you are set-up to make revenue.

If you don't have/don't want to "hardware-mine" we implemented a concept called StakeMining. In short you are able to predict if a certain currency (for now only Ethereum) will increase or decrease in a specific time interval. It's more profitable than investing in the respective coins, it's faster and it's really time-effective compared to actually buying and selling the actual coins.

StakeBidding is the process of bidding CryptoSoft Coins on the daily revenue made by the active miners from the platform. We, as a platform are only the middlemen, we will take a 3-5% fee, but the revenue (in Ethereum or w/e coin will be mined) will go to the highest bidder/bidders.

The Exchange platform will complete the circle for the users of the platform. We will also get listed on other exchanges but we will also offer the user the alternative of using our exchange platform for covenience and for a much faster exchange experience.