Cryptopus (CPP) ICO

updated 08 January 2018

We are first blockchain asset management marketplace where cryptocurrency investors choose traders based on their result of the job.

Token sale info
Status: ended
Start: 25 February 2018
End: 01 June 2018
Cap: 35 000 ETH
(10 404 100 USD)
Goal: No info
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Two-step storage

Complex storage system offers great opportunities for those, who provide their storeplace.


Our storage system is completely dezentralized and build in a same manner like Bitcoin's blockchain.

Real-Time Sync

Real-time synchronization with the biggest official exchange platforms.


Content-oriented "interplanetary file system" helps us confirm the authentity of every transaction.

Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan guarantees, that the project is a long-time development and serving platform.


24/7 support and help is our main goal and best service provided till now.

Traders' profit analys

System analyses traders' profit and risk ratio based on their trade history and rates them. It also puts all computations into IPFS, where everyone is able to check and prove trader's rating.