Cryptonetix (CNX) ICO

updated 30 August 2017

Next generation analytics for the cryptocurrency markets

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Status: ended
Public sale: 15 Nov`17-31 Dec`17
Cap: 17 000 000 USD
Goal: 17 000 000 USD
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Cryptonetix - Blockchain analytics platform

Cryptonetix will be the foremost blockchain asset management, analytics, funding and educational platform for the rapidly growing cryptocurrency markets. We will build agile web-based and mobile applications for managing, investing, trading and learning about the cryptocurrency space. We will ensure our platform will remain the industry leader by working for and with the Cryptonetix investor and client community to implement an accelerated enhancement program.


The Cryptonetix dashboard will be the command center so users can identify the optimal blockchain assets for trading and investing. Our platform will feature intuitive heatmaps and algorithmic indicators displaying the hottest cryptocurrency pairs based on price action, volume, technicals and fundamentals. We will incorporate real-time blockchain news and provide live audio and video client updates from our cryptocurrency analysts.


Our analytics will be based on AI and non-AI algorithms involving heavily weighted technical indicators to separate the leaders in the pack from the mundane, worthless cryptocurrency assets. We will provide detailed analytics that tie directly into the heatmaps and dashboard areas of our platform. In addition, we will be working on AI algorithms including a heavy beta phase that will optimize our system and enable clients to trade with greater confidence. A principal feature of the Cryptonetix platform will be an exclusive mobile application alerts service that will provide immediate electronic updates by Telegram, email, SMS as well as Push notifications in our mobile application of Key Support and Resistance levels, Fibonacci retracements, fundamental breaking news headlines and pullbacks to ideal entry levels, thus enabling users to make confident and concrete trading decisions.


Our custom funding feature will harness the ability for fund managers to create new funds on the Cryptonetix platform so investors can subscribe to the various investment funds on offer, thus being entitled to receive monthly, quarterly or yearly profit payouts in various currencies. Additionally, Cryptonetix will feature multiple investment funds that we host and those holding our tokens will receive quarterly payouts on profits. Our independent fund tracking system will enable clients to identify the best performing funds.


We will feature rich portfolio management features including the ability to monitor asset profit and loss data, track real-time price changes to your bottom line as well as the ability for users to share their portfolios with the Cryptonetix community so they can gain invaluable insight into trading trends. Portfolio management will include everything necessary to track assets across days, weeks, months and years and provide in-depth analysis detailing how assets have performed across these time horizons.

Investor Resource Center

The Cryptonetix Resource Center will serve as a unique, continuously updated education hub featuring exclusive tools and content from professionals. These will include technical chart setups, fundamental analyses as well as a streaming audio and a news service delivering real-time cryptocurrency news about the blockchain markets. There will be a comprehensive reference section in which users can find a glossary of the most commonly used terms and industry buzzwords. Throughout the building of the Cryptonetix platform we will welcome community and client input for features to the platform.

Investment Funds

At Cryptonetix we believe in a fully diversified client portfolio strategy. There are several ways we can achieve this, but a distinct initial focus will be on international real estate. We have a wide network of global partners capable of providing a vast array of investments that meet our strict criteria. Utilizing high quality deal flow, we aim to provide regular, stable returns for our ICO participants that hold Cryptonetix tokens for our platform. Additionally, a key component of our long-term strategy will include investments in other cryptocurrencies and new technology, as well as trading Forex and Futures with base currency accounts in cryptocurrency.

Incentives For Holding CNX Tokens

As the Cryptonetix Investment Fund develops we will analyze and implement varying diversification strategies. We will feature two Investment funds for those holding Cryptonetix tokens. For each of these two funds, every quarter-end we will reinvest 25% of the profits to the funds, 25% will cover company operating costs and 50% will be paid to those holding Cryptonetix tokens. We will simply scan the Ethereum blockchain for addresses containing Cryptonetix assets and, based on the amount of assets owned by clients, profits from the 50% will be paid out to those holders.

Crypto Currency Investment Fund

Our first investment fund will focus on the cryptocurrency markets as well as traditional markets. Our team of traders and advisors will select investments in secondary market coins as well as new ICOs. We will be analyzing opportunities that have a solid grip on the blockchain markets and can offer something unique and provide a need as blockchain technology is rolled out across all industries. Additionally, as all investments will be centered on blockchain organizations, we will diversify based on the application, service and/or functionality each of our potential investments hold. Only through stringent due diligence will we invest in these abundant opportunities.

International Real Estate Investment Fund

Our second investment fund will focus on real estate markets. New ICOs and blockchain startups are offering what is termed “Fractional Real Estate”, whereas anyone can own a portion of a real estate property down to as many decimals as the cryptocurrency being utilized for the process allows. This will enable all Cryptonetix token holders to participate in an investment fund that will receive quarterly payouts in Ethereum, allowing them to hold small fractions of real estate simply by holding Cryptonetix tokens.

Token Distribution

The Cryptonetix tokens will be distributed via the Ethereum blockchain.