CryptoLeaf ICO

updated 02 August 2018

CyptoLeaf is a tokenised equity crowdfunding platform providing funding for green companies, initiatives and projects worldwide.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 26 Jul`18-03 Oct`18
Cap: 20 364 ETH
(4064247.12 USD)
Goal: 8 000 ETH
(1 596 640 USD)
Price: 1 CryptoLeaf = 0.2 USD
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Crowdfinancing a Greener Tomorrow

CryptoLeaf is a way for everyone to be able to contribute to green initiatives and projects, while keeping control of their funds as well as benefit from revenue sharing for each project they help fund. With us everyone will be able to "Do well and do good".

Any green, ecological company will be able to apply to be listed on our platform. The company pays a due diligence fee, which is not paid back, and is paid regardless of whether the company actually is listed or not. Doing so allows us to be independent in the review we provide to the users of the platform.

If a company project is deemed to be feasible for listing, the project is put online and the community can vote on which project they would like to be opened up for funding first.

The users contribute with ETH. Payouts are also in the form of ETH. However, the fee we charge can be paid in either ETH or our own token, CLF.  More details on this can be found in the Tokenomics section below.

Should a company project raise its full funding, project contributors can then benefit from milestone based funding. They have a vote on whether additional funds can be raised for this project.

Finally, the value proposition of our business model for the user comes in the form of revenue sharing. Each listed company agrees to certain terms and conditions embedded into a smart contract. These terms and conditions outline what percentage of revenues they will be paying out, as well as how frequent such payment will be made.


First, the token can be used as a discount from both the platform user as well as the company which would like its project to be listed.

For example, users usually pay up to 2.5% in transaction fees everytime they make a contribution to a listed project if the user pays with ETH only. This fee depends on the amount being invested, the higher the investment the lower the fee. If the user pays this fee with our own token, the fee is slashed to just 0.1%.

Likewise, a company can pay it's fee to us in either CLF (0.1%) or ETH (up to 5% depending on the amount of funds raised). Both companies and users are therefore incentivised to use our token.

Secondly, the token can be used to vote on incoming new projects by the community. Hence, the community can vote using our tokens which project they would like to be opened up for funding first. This serves as a measure of demand for us, allowing us to open funding of the most sought project at any given time.

Finally, we will also be giving out tokens in the form of social media engagement competitions to provide another way to earn our token.