CryptoCasher (CRR) ICO

updated 19 September 2018

CryptoCasher - safe and anonymous cryptocurrency trading for cash, guaranteed by thousands of escrow services worldwide

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Status: upcoming
Presale: 02 Oct`18-02 Nov`18
Public sale: 02 Nov`18-TBA
Cap: 60 000 ETH
(12 463 200 USD)
Goal: 60 000 ETH
(12 463 200 USD)
Price: 1 CRR = 0.0014 ETH
Blockchain: Ethereum
Offering type: Utility
Country: Estonia
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The platform allows buying or selling crypto for cash safely and quickly with a 3rd party escrow service.
CryptoCasher undergoes a thorough verification on escrow services before adding them on its portal.
The escrow service will be able to enjoy some additional income from the transaction fees.
CryptoCasher also eliminates the process of buying or selling cryptocurrency in personal meetings which could be risky for both buyers and sellers