Crypto Improvement Fund (CIF) ICO

updated 01 January 2018

Business On The Blockchain

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Status: ended
Public sale: 01 Oct`17-01 Jan`18
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Crypto Improvement Fund

About Crypto Improvement Fund

The Crypto Improvement Fund hopes to address the significant adoption gap seen between businesses and blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is a bleeding edge technology which has limitless uses and applications – our goal is to help businesses realize these applications and help them make use of this emerging industry. Cryptocurrency alone has a market cap that fluctuates at around 150B dollars and the average business still has refused to adopt this emerging technology into their existing infrastructure – this being one of the most basic uses of this emerging technology.

Conventional, mainstream adoption of blockchain technologies has been inhibited by a growing industry, lacking the proliferation of quality education, implementation and accessible resources for common individuals who do not have a vested interest or technical understanding of the many use cases and practical applications of blockchain technologies. The following document outlines the preliminary business plans set out and conceptualized by the Crypto Improvement Fund. The purpose of the proposed project outlined in the following document is to aid and promote the use of blockchain technologies at large, as well as placing an intrinsic focus on business clientele who can make use of this emerging technology to improve existing processes and paint points. There are significant reasons why businesses have been reluctant to adopt blockchain technology; the lack of knowledge, regulatory issues, price volatility etc. It leads to corporate entities, each with extensive systems of checks and balances, refusing to adopt and incorporate emerging blockchain technologies into their existing environment, lacking the proper resources or industry expertise.