Crypto Hunt Game (CH) ICO

updated 13 July 2018

Become a real treasure hunter.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 15 Apr`18-15 Jun`18
Cap: No info
Goal: No info
Price: 1 CH = 0.005 USD
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Crypto Hunt Game

About Crypto Hunt Game


As previously mentioned, the user-facing side of things will be developed in Unity, while the economic side will be blockchain-based, built on Ethereum using Smart Contracts.


The Unity graphical editor helps developers design, lay out unity scenes, insert objects, scripts, light effects, etc. very quickly, allowing for fast iteration and improvement cycles. Using C#, BOO, or Javascript, actions and algorithms can be programmed with less difficulty. Unity 3D lets the developers use these three efficient languages to engineer the app.

Unity scripting is uncluttered and straightforward which also results in fast iteration and execution of the programming environment. It’s easy to use, debug and design simple co- routines. With the OpenGL graphics API, Unity offers incredible graphics across all platforms it supports. Developers only need to select a platform, press the “Build” button, save the game, and Unity 3D builds it on any platform - including the two platforms we’re aiming for at first: iOS and Android.

The cross-platform game engine also helps to distribute the apps to the appropriate stores and track user analytics, and it facilitates smooth deployment of multiplayer games online with real- time interaction, chat, etc. A single player game can be made multiplayer with very few changes in the existing code and complexities of real-time networking are easy to negotiate.


Much like Bitcoin, Ethereum11 is also a cryptocurrency running on a blockchain. A blockchain is a worldwide database that anyone can read from and write to, provided they pay the transaction fee. This blockchain makes sure the ultimate truth is always known (i.e. Alice sent Bob three bitcoins) because of miners who process these transactions and because of validation nodes12 who validate them for truth. This means we’re dealing with a decentralized currency which isn’t under any one entities control, and is globally accessible, sendable, and redeemable. 

It is much faster, and much cheaper to use (Bitcoin can process 5 transactions per second at around $15-$20 each, whereas Ethereum is at 15 per second costing $0.3 each during times of high network strain)
-  It can run programs. Ethereum is a platform for programmable money. Money on Ethereum is programmed using Smart Contracts - bits of code that get deployed to the blockchain and stay there forever. Invoking a function of such a contract (for example: “Move X tokens to Y address when Z address says it’s okay to move them”) either requires a transaction or a built-in trigger that automatically executes.
-  Every execution of such pre-programmed instructions costs gas13 which is similar to transaction fees in Bitcoin, only the gas cost depends on the complexity of the program, keeping the system forever light (expensive programs run out of “gas” and simply cannot run any more - longevity is literally in how light and fast one can make their program).