Crypto HongBao (HBO) ICO

updated 25 November 2018

Crypto HongBao is a decentralized game currency.

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Status: upcoming
Private sale: 17 Sep`18-17 Oct`18
Public sale: TBA-TBA
Cap: 15 000 ETH
(4 064 250 USD)
Goal: 15 000 ETH
(4 064 250 USD)
Price: 1 HBO = .00004 ETH
Blockchain: Ethereum
Offering type: Utility
Country: Hong Kong
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Crypto HongBao - A Decentralized Game Currency


Our company provides two main components of our service. First, we provide a token (HBO) that is a decentralized game currency in which it eliminates many issuing factors of regular virtual game money. Descriptively, Crypto HongBao is a token created on the ERC20 standard in which it allows it to be traded freely in both centralized and decentralized exchanges. Here are the four main factors Crypto HongBao brings to the table:


Replaces traditional in-game currency


  • Replaces the two main in-game currencies (game money acquired through game progression and another that’s acquired through microtransactions) that incentivize players to continue spending money with a fair and value-building system.


Games & Blockchains making a perfect duo


  • Eliminates inflation within virtual economies in games.
  • Gives value to the gamers when interacting games with the HBO token.
  • Gives value to the game developers by narrowing down obstacles for entering the global market giving them more opportunities to keep their hard-earned profits.


Perfected security & encryption technology


  • Utilizing the encryption technologies and fixed data found within blockchains strongly protects gamers and developers can also save money that would be required for security measures.
  • Boosts developer’s reputation through the transparent business model that's produced by the advantageous properties built into our system.


Trade efficiency


  • Crypto HongBao is available for purchases with Bitcoin and Ethereum on exchanges and is traded on decentralized exchanges such as the Kyber Network or Ox.


Furthermore, we provide a game where our token can be utilized and implemented. This game title is called Dou-Dizhu which is a traditional Chinese game that is as old and popular as Mahjong and its popularity extends globally as it has a large Chinese user base both domestically and internationally. Crypto HongBao focuses on these counter measurements that the world of gaming needs and works to provide all these services globally to everyone.