Covesting Rating & Review

updated 28 September 2017

Decentralized peer-2-peer asset management platform

  • 4.6
  • 4.9
  • 4.6
  • 4.7
  • 4.0
  • 0.0

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Status: ended
Public sale: 24 Nov`17-15 Jan`18
Cap: 25 000 ETH
(5 014 000 USD)
Goal: 2 000 ETH
(401 120 USD)
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Covesting Rating

ICObazaar experts have given Covesting rating with 4.6 score.

Our ICO rating evaluates the overall quality and viability of the product, team, and technical implementation behind. It is calculated with a weight-adjusted formula with five factors and a separate industry expert score. Each factor evaluates an aspect of the project and its weight is related to its importance, which was determined by blockchain and finance professionals. Our rating methodology.

Each factor evaluation:

  • Site: 4.6
  • Team: 4.9
  • Project idea and whitepaper: 4.6
  • Technology: 4.7
  • Media: 4.0
  • Users: 0.0

Covesting review

Covesting has not been reviewed by ICObazaar experts.

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Covesting COV independent rating & review: 4.6


nice and good project i will share that with my friend

Sup. Wanna recommend MNC cryptocurrency, thats issued by AA! LAB. Therere a lot of scam projects on the net, but be sure the project of the organization isnt a fraud cause a large company RUSAL became interested in the project. Sure its necessary to invest now while the price for a token hasn`t soared-


it seems nice, the team and the idea worth the investment


This is another way of innovating platform to make more investors to come. Nice Platform very informative for the user. Cheer Up! for the Team.


Didn`t believe in all this cryptocurrencies stuff... Thought that this bubble would soon burst. But really wanted to try it. Fortunately, saw the Mining Now project The guarantees of refund in case of the entire cryptocurrency market collapse are given.


Covesting ICO is one of the best i have come across. They have made my view of decentralized peer 2 peer asset management platform better