ConferenceCoin ICO

updated 31 July 2018

Our mission is to facilitate access to Blockchain-related events wherever you are.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 16 Jul`18-18 Aug`18
Cap: 1 000 000 USD
Goal: 1 000 000 USD
Price: 1 ConferenceCoin = 0.000023 ETH
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There are more and more Blockchain-related events, but there is still no single platform where you can comfortably find any nearby Blockchain conference or meetup, book the place, talk to other participants before the event even started. Our mission is to provide you just that- facilitate access to Blockchain-related events wherever you are.

The idea is to create a single platform connecting all the stakeholders of such events – attendees, speakers, organizers, investors, startups etc. ConferenceCoin will serve as a currency facilitating, in one place, all the transactions happening in relation to such events.

The Platform will enable conference participants to purchase entrance tickets with ConferenceCoin, while allowing stakeholders to offer their conference related services on the Platform, for which interested parties will be able to pay with ConferenceCoin.

Those services might range from those covering basic logistics, such as the rental of aconference space or the catering of meals, to those directly tied to the goals of the conference, such as the submission of presentation proposals by prospective panelists.

Essentially, any service related to the conference business could be offered on CoinCo Platform for the price in ConferenceCoin.


- Tokens for sale: 75%
- ICO start date: July 16
- Unsold tokens: burn
- Token distribution: 5 weeks
- Hard cap: 1 million EUR
- Token type: ERC-20
- Total token supply: 150 million
- Token type: Utility


- All services and information in one place
- Real time price adjustments
- Facilitation of the registration process
- Safe information
- Cheaper transactions
- One place for everyone
- Intra-industry networking