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updated 16 August 2018

The ICO solution for centralized business to adopt blockchain technologies.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 02 Oct`17-06 Nov`17
Cap: No info
Goal: No info
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Comsa is a conduit for future ICOs that want to exist in the COMSA ecosystem. As part of the project, a COMSA team is now already in place to provide companies with consultation, expertise and solutions to support their very own ICOs and implement blockchain technology into their business practices using our Zaif exchange and mijin private blockchain software, all at the same time, as a one-stop solution.

ICO Solution

COMSA is a one-stop solution that includes a creation of multi-language whitepaper, pre-configured token sale dashboard, blockchain integration services and PR services, dedicated for your own ICO. Your ICO token issued on COMSA platform can be converted between NEM and Ethereum blockchain via COMSA CORE engine. (Planned in 2018)

Token Solution

COMSA provides Zaif exchange to list your ICO token, and its payment service to allow your token holders to spend it. We also provide private blockchain software “mijin”, to let you manage tokens in the internal blockchain ledger in your system. We also support fiat pegged tokens and crypto pegged tokens that can be transferred between NEM and Ethereum blockchains.

One-time Smart Contract

In 2018, you will be able to coordinate Bitcoin, NEM, Ethereum and multiple mijin private blockchains as one network to keep the balance of your token among them. We will also offer “network fee delegation” on the NEM blockchain that allows you to process practical business transactions in fiat currency on the blockchain without owning its native currency XEM.

Comsa wants to provide consulting and help businesses to be part of the blockchain revolution. They also offer a bridge between the public blockchains Nem, Bitcoin, and Ethereum with their Zaif Exchange. Furthermore, it will be possible to make an atomic swap between those 3 cryptocurrencies directly with their infrastructure.

One of the great value is that the company has already two working technologies on the table who generate incomes. Another interesting feature is that companies will be able to use the Comsa ecosystem to create their own ICOs.

Their socials media are very active. I read on their Twitter feed that they have found a real use case for a real-world problem. The solution is to track the meat provided by the hunters until the consumer eats it; with the blockchain, you can’t alterate the information. Also, they offer Telegram, Slack, and Facebook to interact with the team.

Right now, the blog is not translated in English on their website, many of their content is only in Japanese. Also, the team page does not provide the picture of the team and their LinkedIn profile. So it is very difficult to understand the meaning even if you use a tool like Google translate.

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