ComBox (CBP) ICO

updated 25 November 2018

ComBox - solutions for industrial mining based on immersion cooling. We produce containers ComBox IC-960 with 960 GPUs AMD RX470.

Status: ended
Presale: 01 Sep`18-31 Oct`18
Public sale: 01 Nov`18-30 Nov`18
Cap: 45 000 000 USD
Goal: 39 000 000 USD
Price: 1 CBP = 0.002 ETH
Blockchain: Ethereum
Offering type: Security
Country: Panama
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International company, developer and manufacturer of immersion cooling systems for industrial mining and solving science-driven tasks.

Project concept

Profit from mining on 150-240 energy efficient containers and its distribution among investors.


Mining on GPU boards of our own design, installed in containers with two-phase immersion (Novec 3M) cooling. Every container has 960 AMD RX470 graphics cards installed, which allows to receive a reward of 60 ETH per month.

Computing cluster will also be used to solve science-driven tasks in the B2B/B2G sectors.

To increase the margin of business, in addition to its own capacities, we launch an external multicurrency mining pool with a commission of PPLNS1%. After putting into operation the planned number of containers, they will be produced and sold to customers with profit distribution among investors

Business Model

Receiving profit from mining and science-driven calculations with a monthly dividend payment to investors within 5 years from the time the first container was put into commercial operation. Manufacture of containers is carried out at the enterprise in Russia, under the project of our own development.


Industrial mining on behalf of investors. We can build the containers by ourselves, but it will take a long time. With external investments, we will do this within 1 year, which will allow to earn both us and our investors. ROI of the project is at least 350%, the dividend payment period is 5 years, monthly payments. Mining with ComBox is more profitable than the maintenance of home farms and rigs, enter industrial mining professionally with us.

Variative financial model of the ComBox project is available upon request after the signing of the NDA.


The team of the project consists of experienced specialists from different spheres, who have the necessary technical and communicative skills to implement a project of this scale.

We are an existing team working for the benefit of ourselves and our investors. We specialize in solving complex technical problems since 2005 and have proved to be a reliable, stable and competent partner both on the local and international markets.

Our technologies

  • ComBox A-12 Computation Unit and «Agent» program. A diskless hardware/software system with 12 high-end graphics cards with air cooling and additional high-efficiency heat removal.
  • ComBox IC-96 Computation Unit for immersion cooling. Space, which used to be enough to install only 6-8 graphics cards, can contain 96 of them now. Section has 16 ComBox IC-6 cards of our own design. No coolers, no noise, no overheating, no breakdowns and associated costs.
  • ComBox A-480 container. We built 4 containers based on our own development of air-cooled systems. They are put into commercial operation and perform the functions of mining on Ethereum with an average return of at least $11,000/month.
  • ComBox IC-960 container with immersion cooling. Liquid cooling allows to increase energy efficiency and density of equipment placement. Possibility of long-term operation without problems of dust and humidity.
  • Multi-currency pool. We combine our own capacities with external ones, thus compensating for the growth in the complexity of cryptocurrency mining and increasing ComBox IC-96 calculation block for immersion cooling the profitability for our investors.