CoinLion (LION) ICO

updated 10 December 2017

CoinLion - An Exchange, Portfolio Management Platform & Token Economy Incentivizing Crypto Traders.

Token sale info
Status: ended
Start: 18 December 2017
End: 25 February 2018
Cap: 40 000 ETH
(18 947 200 USD)
Goal: 2 000 ETH
(947 360 USD)
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Is your cryptocurrency is floating all over?

CoinLion is a new Ethereum-based trading platform designed to allow users to exchange, control, and manage their digital assets in an easy and efficient way.

The unique exchange and trading platform will offer many benefits to holders of the LION Token allowing them to spend and earn within the platform. Benefits include free trading, discounts on ICOs, ability to duplicate others public portfolios, and more.


Portfolio Management Tool (PMT)

The CoinLion PMT is a state-of-the-art portfolio management tool. It allows users to create and manage portfolios in a simple and efficient manner. With the PMT users can buy and sell multiple assets with a single click.

Users can select to purchase a group of assets by amount, quantity, or percentage, and submit the order in one click. Market orders will be executed at the best possible price across the various assets. Users can choose to execute these orders at the market price, or choose to place more advanced orders for each asset. This allows portfolios to be managed easily and efficiently, putting the user in total control of their assets.

CoinLion PMT also allows users to publish portfolios and name their price in LION for allowing other users to track their portfolios. Publishers of portfolios can set a cost in LION for tracking a specific portfolio over a period: monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or yearly. This empowers users by providing a means to generate LION for creating and sharing portfolios.

The user also has the option to allow their portfolio to be publicly tracked and published to the portfolio tracker within CoinLion. This allows to users to showcase their skills when it comes to managing digital assets, and in turn generate additional LION by driving traffic to the portfolio. Top performers within the CoinLion Platform will receive LION bonuses from CoinLion.

Wide Variety of Fiat, Crypto & Digital Assets

CoinLion will support a wide variety of fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies and digital assets. As digital assets and currencies are continually being created, having simple and efficient access to those assets is critical.

CoinLion will support most major currencies and assets and apply a strict due diligence process to acceptance of new currencies. CoinLion will maintain markets in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and LION.

Dual Blockchain System (DBS)

CoinLion’s order book utilizes a dual blockchain, specifically designed for speed, to track and monitor transactions. The dual blockchain system ensures data integrity and transparency. Each blockchain is designed for a specific purpose. Working together these blockchains make it possible to achieve complete integrity, immutability, and transparency.

The first blockchain stores specific data related to each buy and sell order placed and work in sync with the matching engine. The second block chain stores data specific to each trade that occurs. These blockchains are developed by CoinLion’s technology team and are meant to be a source of data for reporting and tracking purposes.

This dual blockchain uses geographically distributed nodes to confirm transactions and preserve the decentralized nature of the blockchain.

Publishing and Promotional Toolset

CoinLion’s portfolio publishing and promotional toolset lets users publish created portfolios and content. Users can create and publish content related to digital assets. Users will have the option to add a price in LION for access to features on their profile. This could include access to portfolios, research, or strategies. Users will leverage their profiles to earn LION for creating and publishing portfolios, research, strategies, and more. The promotional toolset will also allow users to share their portfolios and content across various social media platforms.   

ICO Underwriting

CoinLion will offer an ICO underwriting service which will list new coins to the platform. LION holders will have access to purchase these ICOs at a discounted rate. CoinLion will use a rigorous due diligence process when evaluating adding a new coin to the platform. This is a six-step process that utilizes a set of criteria to rank potential ICOs.

The due diligence process follows a robust qualitative and quantitative analysis to evaluate and select coins for the platform. Elements of the core screening process are customized to each coin.

The quantitative factors include market size, projected growth potential, project duration and risk factors. The quantitative factor screen helps to eliminate projects that we feel are unlikely to be successful or deliver value to the purchasers or the platform.

The qualitative factors include factors such as team, industry applications, marketing efforts, and utility.

Each factor is analyzed using the six-step process and given a quantitative ranking resulting in an overall score. Only the top ICOs evaluated will be listed on the CoinLion Platform.

ICO underwriting serves two purposes. The first is to offer users a wide variety of quality new coins on the platform. The second is to provide added liquidity for new coins.

Blazing Fast Trade Execution, Atomic Swaps, Raiden and Lightning Networks

Orders are facilitated using a dedicated order matching engine. This engine matches trading pairs at lightning speeds ensuring users are provided with the best execution possible. CoinLion utilizes new and emerging networks and technologies to provide users with alternatives to the traditional methods of trading and exchanging digital assets. Part of the CoinLion’s commitment to excellence insures that ongoing new technologies will be added to the platform. CoinLion will utilize networks such as the Raiden Network and Lightning Network provide users with the ability to use atomic swaps when trading digital currencies. Utilizing these networks will also speed up the process of implementing a fully decentralized model.

LION Market

CoinLion will maintain a market in LION. When trading in the LION market, users will enjoy free trades. This will work to ensure LION liquidity and stability over time.

Cutting Edge Trading Tools

The CoinLion Platform contains a suite of state-of-the-art trading and analytics tools. Choose from hundreds of studies to implement into portfolios, including a wide array of charting and technical analysis tools.

Digital Asset Screener

CoinLion implements the first-of-its-kind cryptocurrency and digital asset screener. This allows users to screen and rank criteria when selecting assets and portfolios, and easily implement them into their holdings. Criteria will be scaled as more information is known and as more portfolios are created. Initial criteria will include: market cap, price, volume, performance, maturity, and more.

Simple & Powerful User Interface

CoinLion provides a world-class user experience when it comes to trading and managing digital assets. User information is displayed clearly. Access to tools and information is readily available. Users have the ability to customize views to their liking. Portfolio views and allocation views are easy to read and understand. The portfolio management tool is easy to use and powerful, giving users a simple and powerful way to create and manage portfolios.

Research and Analytics

CoinLion will be providing a world-class research and analytics library compiled by the research of the users. CoinLion will be purchasing research from users using LION. In addition to free research and analytics, the research library will contain premium content available to access with LION.

Sophisticated Reporting

A robust reporting system uses information from the dual blockchain system and platform data to create a variety of reports for users to access. These reports make it easy for users to access the information they need. Reports include, but are not limited to, gain and loss reports, performance reports, transaction reports and more. These reports will aid users in tracking various metrics for purposes such as tax reporting, performance tracking, cost tracking and more.

Trading Costs

CoinLion is working hard to deliver a world-class experience to users at a lower cost than existing exchanges and platforms. There are no fees for having an account on the CoinLion Platform, and there are no maintenance or on-going fees.

CoinLion will be a cost leader when it comes to trading costs and will use a tiered maker/taker volume rebate schedule, combined with a per trade cap. The base cost is .12% for the maker, and .20% for the taker, both with a cap at .5 ETH or equivalent BTC.

Makers are those who place orders that are on the book before the trade occurs. The taker places the order that is matched with the maker’s order. This cost schedule promotes liquidity by encouraging makers to place orders. It also works to create tighter bid/ask spreads.

User volume is based off a rolling 30-period. At the end of each day the users’ volume is calculated and trading costs are rebated accordingly.  

If a user holds LION, they will receive a 25% discount applied to the maker/taker cost schedule. The user must simply hold enough LION to cover the cost of the trade and the discount will be automatically applied to the trade.

Algorithmic Trading Support

The CoinLion trading Platform is designed to provide a powerful trading experience. We understand that traders also trade through third-party platforms and design their own algorithmic trading bots. Our commitment is to provide the best trading experience possible, and we designed our APIs to allow for high frequency algorithmic trading.

Margin Trading and Lending

Margin trading loan interest users can choose to become margin loan providers and receive interest earnings with their asset deposits. CoinLion will calculate the interest using the relationship between margin trading loan supply and demand. A fraction of earnings generated from interest payments will be collected by CoinLion.

Integrated Banking

CoinLion integrates with consumer bank accounts to provide the user with a comprehensive view of their holdings. CoinLion will allow users to aggregate their holdings into one view. This will allow users to evaluate their overall financial position including their crypto holdings. 

Security Features

Reserve Promise

CoinLion maintains a 100% reserve policy. This ensures that users’ funds are available and liquid. Users retain 100% ability to transfer funds at any time to the wallets of their choice. A 100% reserve eliminates the risk of allocating user funds for any other purpose than what the user intends.

Cold Storage Offline Multisig Wallet Security Protocol

CoinLion stores 98% of deposits in Cold storage offline multisig wallets. The remaining 2% is used to facilitate faster processing of withdrawals for users.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

CoinLion allows users to enable 2FA to perform actions such as logging on, processing withdrawals, and updating important user information.

Email Confirmation

CoinLion maintains an email confirmation policy unless 2FA is enabled. This policy protects users from unauthorized withdrawals.

Whitelist IPs

Whitelisting IPs will add an optional additional layer of security. Users will be able to select which IPs they want to be able to process withdrawals to. Withdrawal attempts from an unknown IP will be blocked for user protection.

Circuit Breaker

Built-in circuit breaker to protect from flash crashes. The circuit breaker will be put in place across main currencies such as ETH and BTC. The circuit breaker is not designed to prevent integrity of markets. The circuit breaker is designed to protect currencies such as ETH and BTC from a 25% move in five minutes. In the event of a 25% move in a five-minute period trading will be halted for a period of 1 hr. More currencies will be added to the circuit breaker policy as they mature.

Due Diligence

CoinLion implements a strict due diligence process when adding new coins and research to the platform. CoinLion applies this process to protect users from misleading information. CoinLion maintains an unbiased, honest, open, and transparent policy. This due diligence process works to eliminate bad actors within the platform.


Digital currency that CoinLion keeps online will be insured. If CoinLion were to have an attack on its online storage, the insurance policy will pay out to cover any lost funds. CoinLion will keep 2% of customer funds online. The rest will be stored according to CoinLion’s security protocol. All fiat currency will be kept in custodial bank accounts. The funds will belong 100% to the user. For United States residents, CoinLion USD Wallets will be covered by FDIC insurance, up to $250,000

Know Your Customer Process (KYC)

CoinLion will use KYC processes and comply with AML (Anti Money Laundering) laws. CoinLion provides quick and easy identity authentication services. With a same-day identity verification policy. 


LION – The Token

CoinLion will introduce a token, LION, which will be used within the platform. LION will create an ecosystem that rewards and incentivizes users to share and create portfolios, strategies and research related to the management of digital assets.

LION is the token that interacts with the platform. LION an ERC20 compatible token. The symbol is simply LION.

CoinLion will offer a LION market where trading is free. This creates another use case for LION and will work to ensure the integrity of LION within the CoinLion Platform. LION also has a myriad of uses and functions within the CoinLion Platform:

Spend LION

·     Track and duplicate portfolios

·     Trade for free within the LION market

·     Discounted trading when holding LION

·     Create and manage multiple portfolios with the portfolio management tool

·     Access research and analytics within the CoinLion research and analytics library

·     Access to ICOs launched on the platform at a discounted rate

·     Advertise portfolios and promote your content on CoinLion and other platforms

·     Access to premium content published by CoinLion users

·     Free trades when trading in LION pairs

  Earn LION

·     Allow users to track your created portfolios


·     Create and share content relating to the management of cryptocurrencies

·     Create and share research

·     Create and share strategies with other users

·     Allow advertising on your public profile

·     Earn LION for being a top performer or researcher

·     Create research for the CoinLion research and analytics library




The CoinLion Platform will be built using the latest technologies, including Go. Each component of the platform will be designed as a scalable micro-service and communicate via APIs. CoinLion uses Docker and other virtualization technologies to allow for quick testing and deployment of updates in a controlled manner to each environment through all phases: development, testing, and production. 

CoinLion’s order book system will be broken into two independent but interconnected blockchains. The matching algorithm can process over a million buy/sell orders and complete transactions within seconds. The order book application will leverage the first blockchain to maintain data integrity and immutability of orders, and the matching system will finalize the orders and complete the transactions to their respective blockchains. The dual blockchain system is designed to keep track of the orders within the platform and be a source of data. In addition to Ethereum, Bitcoin, and LION markets, we will be able to add other cryptocurrencies and markets to the platform as it evolves.

The CoinLion exchange utilizes a hybrid model of both centralized and decentralized technology to deliver the best possible performance. The core code, which is doing the heavy lifting, is written in Go.8] Smart contracts are written in the Solidity language native to Ethereum. The CoinLion Platform will interact with smart contacts to facilitate tasks related to the Ethereum blockchain.

As CoinLion moves beyond the token sale and launch of the platform, the ongoing research and development will determine feasibility of moving to a decentralized model. Our team has extensively evaluated all the possible methods and technologies in which to build the CoinLion Platform. While the Coinlion team strongly supports a decentralized model, currently a hybrid model provides a better user experience. CoinLion has also researched chain interoperability.[7] As blockchains become more prevalent, interoperability will be addressed. CoinLion will utilize all necessary technologies to give the user the best possible experience.