CoinJob (XCJ) ICO

updated 19 July 2017

A low-fee, distributed labor marketplace for computer-based work

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Status: ended
Public sale: 14 Jul`17-14 Aug`17
Cap: No info
Goal: No info
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Exchange Ether for Jobi. As the means of exchange on the CoinJob platform, increased platform activity should lead to increased demand for the token. For service providers, CoinJob will charge lower fees than current fiat-currency "on-demand" labor marketplaces, resulting in higher percentages of every Jobi earned going straight to the providers. For service seekers, the CoinJob platform will charge lower fees than current fiat-currency "on demand" labor marketplaces and will offer distributed automatic arbitration in the event of unsatisfactory service.

Low fee Most 'gig economy' platforms charge 20%+ of total contract value for the same type of small, technology-heavy project that CoinJob caters to. Without the friction of traditional payment methods in the form of transaction and interchange fees and with autoamtic arbitration reducing costs on the back-end, CoinJob will be able to offer lower fees than competitors. Automated Arbitration CoinJob will offer automatic arbitration by automatically redacting key information from completed jobs in dispute and distributing the work and the job description to members across the network, who will adjudicate a decision and be rewarded with a small amount of Jobi for their efforts.