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a platform that allows to raise funds for ideas and projects through ICOs and cryptocurrencies. 

Cap:4 900 000 USD
Goal:200 000 USD
Price:0.2 USD = 1 tokens
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ICOs: an impressive growth, which is not free from

ince the beginning of 2017, funds raised through ICOs have seen a significant growth that has only just begun. Despite ICOs being an excellent fundraising instrument, today they are mostly limited to the blockchain world, and do not provide enough guarantees to the contributor.

Our solution

Coincrowd brings ICO fundraising to companies outside the blockchain universe as well, and increases the guarantees for the contributor, with a decentralized platform featuring tokens. Holding tokens grants the right to vote for the best projects. This way, projects that do not meet Coincrowd’s standards are stopped. For Startups easy and fast fundraising instant purchasing and selling of the company assets bureaucratic simplification no barriers to entry support from senior members of the community who have already staged successful ICOs access to the cryptocurrency market For contributors easy disposal of the contributions control over milestone based contributions legal guarantees possibility to enter fast-growing markets a prediction market system provided by the community itself minimum brokerage fees

Why the value of our token keeps growing

The platform gets a revenue by charging every ICO with a success fee: 5% of the funds that have been raised. The smart contract employs 50% of Coincrowd’s revenue to purchase tokens in an exchange market. The smart contract then burns said tokens, lowering the amount of circulating tokens and increasing the demand. This way the value of the CoinCrowd token keeps growing.



There are several similar ICOs on the market, which makes the process of ICO investing fast and simple. 
They pointed such an amazing advantages on bitcointalk thread about themselves: "And Plus: 
We have an amazing team
We will be based in Switzerland
We are already closing down on startups who want to implement ICO, soon posting updates" 
Great:) I suppose that they are trying to get on board the gravy train
We have new updates on our ICO and it will be live from 15 november 2017
on our advisor now we have many new people! And also 2 deputy of italian parliament has join us as advisors!
this is the best ico's                                                                                                                                    
i believe in this project