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updated 14 October 2018

Code of Talent is the world’s first block-chain powered micro-learning platform designed to uplift people’s learning motivation.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 15 Oct`18-01 Nov`18
Cap: 28 000 000 USD
Goal: 6 000 000 USD
Price: 1 CODE = 0.1 USD
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    Bogdan Ciubotary
    CEO & Co-Founder Code of Talent
    Vlad Grigoriu
    Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Founder Code of Talent
    Marius Opris
    Chief Learning Alchemist & Co-Founder Code of Talent
    Adela Grigoriu
    Business Development Director & Co-Founder Code of Talent
    Adrian Ichim
    CMO Code of Talent, Serial Entrepreneur
    Florin Radulescu
    Micro-learning Knowledge Manager
    Sorin Paun
    Micro-learning Content Development Lead
    Adrian Apostol
    Digital Strategy Expert
    Andrei Gosu
    COO Code of Talent
    Sudhir Chepeni
    Chief Technology Consultant Code of Talent
    Mohammad Shaheed Khan
    Advisor Code of Talent & Fintech Evangelist
    George Molakal
    Advisor Code of Talent
    Niko Klansek
    Advisor Code of Talent & Entrepreneur & ICO Advisor
    Vladimir Diakov
    Advisor Code of Talent & Entrepreneur
    Neil H. Wasserman
    Managing Director, Timewave Analytics