Cobol Network (CBL) ICO

updated 13 July 2018

Decentralized Autonomous Transportation

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Status: ended
Public sale: 24 May`18-07 Jun`18
Cap: No info
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Price: 1 CBL = 0.0114 USD
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Cobol Network

About Cobol Network

Cobol is the first company to provide decentralized autonomous transportation for the average consumer.

A user can request a car using their computer, phone or watch. Moments later, a self-driving car will arrive at the user’s location, and drive them to their destination. The user pays using Cobol tokens, and is charged on a per mile basis. Cobol is similar to that of a ride share program, yet decentralized and more efficient. This is an economical solution to the rapidly growing costs of owning and upkeeping a vehicle. With Cobol, traveling and transportation just got cheaper and easier.

Cobol aims to provide decentralized transportation for the average consumer. The creation of autonomous technology allows an automobile to drive to a destination, only using help from its own computers/sensors.

Rideshare and taxi services aren’t economical, because the costs are risen to compensate the drivers commission, and the company itself. Decentralized autonomous transport is the solution.

Self Driving cars are already being used throughout the world. While the ratio is small
compared to that of regular vehicles, it is going to exponentially grow over the next few years. Cobol plans to begin deploying vehicles on or before January of 2020. Resources and funds gained from investors will go into developing Cobol’s application and blockchain software, which will be built into these autonomous vehicles.

Plans and agreements have been made with large companies including Toyota, Lexus, Honda, and Volkswagen.