Cloudbric (CLB) ICO

updated 04 October 2018

Cloudbric is a decentralized universal security platform aimed at providing artificial intelligence-based cybersecurity services.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 22 Oct`18-31 Oct`18
Cap: 10 000 ETH
Goal: 10 000 ETH
Price: 1 CLB = .00008 ETH
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Secure Your Blockchain Experience

We are a trusted enterprise level security vendor looking to better protect users within the blockchain space. Our slogan is "Secure Your Blockchain Experience".

Our goal is to secure the entire blockchain experience for users and businesses alike whether it’s protecting global exchanges, securing cryptocurrency assets, etc. so that we can help further encourages the widespread adoption of this great technology to masses. We recognize that there are many users just sitting on the sidelines unable to trade cryptocurrency, scared to hold, or accept payments in cryptocurrency, as hackers and cyber criminals are raiding the sector.

Cloudbric is a decentralized universal security platform aimed at providing a diverse suite of artificial intelligence-based cybersecurity solutions for all users. Cloudbric’s decentralized security will primarily focus on three key areas: website security, mobile device security, and crypto asset protection. Utilizing over 20 years of cybersecurity knowledge and expertise, Cloudbric aims to revolutionize the cybersecurity realm by making information security open and accessible to all.



Look at how much revenue they're already generating. Now they're trying to re-distribute the revenue while making the data open to the public. This makes perfect sense in every way.