Cloud mining the swedish way (Swehash) ICO

updated 11 July 2018

Utelizing the swedish nature we bring you the greenest and cheepest cloudmining with instant whitdrawls to a cryptocurecy mastercard

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Status: ended
Public sale: 19 Jun`17-20 Aug`17
Cap: 7 500 ETH
(1 116 375 USD)
Goal: 17 500 ETH
(2 604 875 USD)
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The greenest mining you will ever find

In the land of the midnight sun we use just that, the sun, as the main power supply for our riggs. During the period from early may to late September we will get all our energy from the sun.

Solar farm twice the needed size

We are in the mist of constructing a solar farm twice the size we need. Why? So that we can trade our execs solar energy during the bright summer days for water powered energy during the dark winter month (and as a backup)

Join Sweden Go green

The cold weather is also to our benefit when it comes to cooling the riggs there by reducing the need for power and maitenens