Climatecoin (CO2) ICO

updated 03 October 2017

The first cryptocurrency that makes it possible for any individual to participate in climate change fight.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 01 Dec`17-31 Dec`17
Cap: No info
Goal: No info
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CLIMATECOIN, is a new cryptocurrency created for Climate change action. Its Organization has announced the launch of its CLIMATECOIN “CO2” Token Sale, that will allow any citizen of the world to participate in the fight against Climate Change.

CLIMATECOIN team aims to provide a symbol for this threat to the world as everybody may be able to do something to mitigate a problem that only Governments and big Private/Public Organizations are capable to solve. With our coin, everybody will be able to help companies that create disruptive environmental products save our world.

CLIMATECOIN Foundation will participate in companies that create solutions against climate change and use blockchain in any of their processes. It is going to be a token based in tangible assets that we expect achieve big appreciation derived of the increase in the valuations of these companies or projects and therefore the capital gains that the foundation may get after some time from some projects or participations. Also, because token holders will perceive a quarterly dividend and the Foundation will be re-investing part of their profits in CLIMATECOIN tokens.

CLIMATECOIN Foundation which is based in Switzerland in the Crypto valley, will provide investment, advise and blockchain guidance to the participated companies to make their products economically feasible as the companies must be profitable and compete with others with contaminating products that do not preserve our environment. The idea of the organization is to have offices in Switzerland, Spain and NY city.