ClickGem Project roadmap

updated 23 September 2018

A way to accept payment with multiple currencies. Cross exchange (internal) between cryptocurrencies with traditional currencies.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 10 Feb`18-12 Mar`18
Cap: 5 000 000 USD
Goal: 12 240 000 USD
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  • Feb-2018 P1

    Start ICO Start affiliate program & share commissions Release money transfer system (USD and CGM)

  • Feb-2018 P2

    Release web wallets for internal digital currency (USD) and P2P crypto currency (CGM)

  • Feb-2018 P3

    Release internal trading floor (USD, CGM, BTC, etc...)

  • Mar-2018

    Release additional web wallets for BTC, ETH, etc...

  • Apr-2018

    Start lending program List on Coin Directory & CoinMarketCap

  • May-2018

    Release Windows software (wallet & other features) Trading on NovaExchange & Coin Exchange

  • Jun-2018

    Release Linux/Mac software (wallet & other features) Trading on other exchanges

  • Jul-2018

    Release official mining pool Release ClickGem Lotto system

  • Aug-2018

    Release Android App (wallet & other features)

  • Sep-2018

    Release iOS App (wallet & other features)

  • Oct-2018

    Upgrade to new trading floor with more traditional-currencies and crypto-currencies

  • Nov-2018

    Financing for international events about Blockchain technology

  • Dec-2018

    Investing in start-ups that research and develop solutions about Block chain technology

  • Jan-2019

    Establish a community that supporting, believing and standing

  • Feb-2019

    Release web-integrated APIs for accept payments online with multiple traditional-currencies and crypto-currencies

  • Mar-2019

    Release debit card Become one of the best global-payment systems