Chromapolis by ChromaWay Rating & Review

updated 07 December 2018

Relational technology for mainstream dapps

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Chromapolis by ChromaWay Rating

ICObazaar experts have given Chromapolis by ChromaWay rating with 4.5 score.

Our ICO rating evaluates the overall quality and viability of the product, team, and technical implementation behind. It is calculated with a weight-adjusted formula with five factors and a separate industry expert score. Each factor evaluates an aspect of the project and its weight is related to its importance, which was determined by blockchain and finance professionals. Our rating methodology.

Each factor evaluation:

  • Site: 4.0
  • Team: 4.8
  • Project idea and whitepaper: 5.0
  • Technology: 5.0
  • Media: 3.6
  • Users: 0.0

Chromapolis by ChromaWay review

Chromapolis is a blockchain platform for dApps where the data is stored in a relational database. Chromapolis is created by ChromaWay, Sweden-based blockchain technology company established in 2014.

To reduce programming errors and control resources use, a new language called Rell will be introduced for dApp programming. Rell is claimed to be seven times more compact than SQL and allows meta-programming from templates and handles overflow errors. Unlike Ethereum, the built-in governance mechanism allows fixing dApp errors on the fly.

The project has every chance to occupy this niche, given that its creators already have a serious weight in the industry and experience in bringing the product to the market. They already have several working blockchain solutions with a focus on real estate and finance.

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  • The project has a very strong team with well-known blockchain veterans: Chromapolis is being developed by ChromaWay, a technology company operating since 2014 in Sweden, working on blockchain platform with public and private sector actors and focused on real estate and finance such as: e-Krona, Universal Identity Hub, Postchain, The Swedish Land Registry. Besides having an experienced and proven team, Chromaway advisers/investors include Charlie Lee (Litecoin), Vinny Lingham (Civic), Correy Voo (ex CTO at UBS, president and chairman at the Open Data Center Alliance, and global head of applied business and strategy at Bank of America) and Yiseul Cho (Venture partner FBG and co-founder of Hashed)
  • The transaction fees will be collected not from users but from dApp providers. dApps will decide for themselves if they want to collect fees from users and establish network policies choosing suitable fee models (a classical model, subscription model, donation-based model or freemium model).
  • DApp developers have the freedom to decide their own pricing models, which better for different use cases. This provides more flexibility and a better user experience than most competing blockchain protocols, which are designed for only one payment method.
  • A new language called Rell will be used for dApp programming. Rell is claimed to be seven times more compact than SQL
    Chromapolis uses a relational model where data can be easily accessed without loss of performance. As the platform is database-centric, it could be better suited for data-intensive apps.
  • Chromapolis uses horizontal scaling, so each dApp has its own multiple blockchains with expected speed of 500 tps per sidechain. Anyone interested in running a node can choose which dApps they are interested in and sync only the corresponding blockchain data.
  • Chromapolis is not built from scratch. It is based on the Postchain framework, that is being used by Swedish Land Registry.
    Testnet planned to be launched in September 2018


  • The project is still in stealth mode
  • Initially, there will be only a few node providers, that will be chosen by ChromaWay, so it will start as a centralized platform
  • There is no alpha, Github or MVP yet (The testnet is scheduled for September 2018)
  • Details of the proposed token economic model are still vague
  • Most members of the project team are working on several projects under
  • ChromaWay, which could hinder the development progress of Chromapolis

Investment prospects

The Chromapolis ICO offers a new approach to dApps development that addresses the shortcomings present in many current blockchain networks. Chromapolis is focusing on business-oriented dApps that need reliable and fast database storage and do not require paying high fees for every transaction.

The team is highly strong and experienced and core members work together since ChromaWay creation in 2014. They have several strong working projects, adopted by financial and government institutions.

A serious concern is the fact that the project will not be decentralized on its early stage as providers will be selected by the parental company ChromaWay. After the adoption period, it is promised that decentralization will appear. But even then Chromaway will still affect the choice as new providers will be selected by the community built entirely on the Chromaway choice basis.

We also have to point out that the project has a lot of projects to compete with (including such whales as IBM entering the market) and the success of the project will seriously depend on the speed of release and quality of the product, as well as partners who will be ready to use the platform for their own purposes.

While still at an early stage, the Chromapolis ICO possesses indicators that point to a solid project. It is hard to say whether the project will be successful or not until we see features of the testnet, that is coming in September 2018.

By now Chromapolis has moderate risks and very high investment potential.

Chromapolis by ChromaWay CHR independent rating & review: 4.5



Good project for sure, just that there were some Ian Balina and Benn Godenzi FUD going on previously. 

Will keep an eye on this project, anyway.


The team looks Very Strong. The Management, IT and Business Developers, as well as Advisors, are impressive (Founder of LiteCoin, Charlie Lee, is one of the advisors). However, a lot of info is missing currently, as we are in the early stages of a possible ICO. That's what I've heard from the guys at