Chromapolis by ChromaWay (CHR) ICO

updated 07 October 2018

Relational technology for mainstream dapps

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About ICO

Chromapolis is the next generation blockchain platform for DApps

Chromapolis is the daughter project of ChromaWay – a decentralized blockchain platform created to empower developers to build decentralized applications more efficiently.

Chromapolis is a blockchain solution designed to store data and aid data monitoring. Chromapolis blockchain features a relational model enabling to access data through an API and allowing for horizontal scalability.

Chromapolis is designed to accommodate low fee transactions and faster transaction time compared to Ethereum, which makes it the ultimate foundation for a DApps development platform!



Good project for sure, just that there were some Ian Balina and Benn Godenzi FUD going on previously. 

Will keep an eye on this project, anyway.