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Change Bank

The First Truly Decentralised Crypto Bank 

Cap:200 000 ETH
Price:1 ETH = 500 tokens
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Market Place

Change is the first truly decentralised CryptoBank. We are a marketplace that allows you to access a range of global financial services products from a network of partners across the globe - anything from real estate, peer to peer lending, robo advisory services and many others. Change is a marketplace of independent , self sufficient partners from across the globe, a bank with no actual departments. We partner with partner only with self sustaining financial services partners that also operate independent of each other. Change is the gateway into a whole new world of global contributing by way cryptocurrency. Out first partners are Smartly - https://www.smartly.sg/, a robo advisory service based out of Singapore, BitofProperty a real estate crowd contribution platform founded in Estonia and currently based in Singapore and a leading peer-to-peer lending FinTech company in Indonesia, with thousands of loans given, and consistently growing 50% every month.

Top Tier Advisors

Leslie Goh - Financial Services Lead at Microsoft Roger Crook - EX-CEO at DHL Ott Vater - Deputy Director at Estonia E-Residency Vinay Mohan - Asia Pacific Head at ConsenSys Philip Kristian - Evangelist Miguel Soriano - Professor at National University of Singapore