ccore ICO

updated 01 January 2018

CryptoCurrency Payment Platform

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Status: ended
Public sale: 09 Nov`17-30 Nov`17
Cap: No info
Goal: No info
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About ccore

Ccore platform has a module structure, which enables to connect multiple extensions (modules) to platform. 4 main extensions of platform over which our team is currently working:

  • C Exchange
    C Exchange is a cryptocurrency stock exchange where cryptocurrency can be exchanged with each other or fiat currency.
  • C Wallet
    C Wallet is a multicurrency wallet where funds of ccore users are kept. C Exchange and C Wallet make the core of ccore platform.
  • C Pay
    C Pay is a full payment system, which allows the corporate customers selling products and services against cryptocurrencies by integrating CC Pay on the web site of online-store.
  • C Information
    C Information is extension, which furnishes complete information about market of cryptocurrencies in real time. It is developed for investors and traders.

Intercommunion of ccore with market participants

  • ccore-corporate customer
    The corporate costomers by integrating extension of C Pay on own online-store, get possibility selling products and services against criptocurrency, while ccore secures possibility for automatically exchanging criptocurrencies into fiat currencies at the wish of the entrepreneur.

  • ccore-consumer
    ccore offers favorable operating terms not only to entrepreneurs but the consumers. At payment for product or service by cryptocurrency the consumer doesn’t pay transaction commission fee, if he/she has account in CC Wallet. The consumer shouldn’t also wait for transaction confirmation, because transfer is made amongst the accounts CC Wallet.

  • ccore-trader, investor
    Due to extension of C Information, ccore furnishes three kinds of information to traders and investors in real time:
    - data
    - news
    - analytics