Cash Poker Pro (CASH) ICO

updated 20 September 2018

A platform that will change the world of poker

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Status: ended
Public sale: 26 Oct`17-18 Nov`17
Cap: 30 000 000 USD
Goal: 1 000 000 USD
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Cash Poker Pro

About Cash Poker Pro

CASH tokens are a currency used to play in Cash Poker Pro.
This is a cryptocurrency based on the blockchain technology.
CASH tokens can be exchanged for BTC, ETC or fiat money.

Only you have access to your CASH wallet.
Smart contracts guarantee that your winnings will be deposited to your wallet.
You do not need to make deposits to the poker room account.

You do not need to prove your identity to play in Cash Poker Pro.

New Platforms
Our poker room runs on all types of gadgets and will be integrated into such messengers as Telegram and Facebook Messenger.

Any user can create a set of poker tables within the system and make a profit.
Convenient tools for attracting new players to your poker tables.

Fair Play
The use of the blockchain technology makes it possible to verify that the RNG works correctly and does not influence the course of play.


  • Well-considered strategy
    We are going to invest most of the proceeds in marketing and development.
    We will attract a huge number of players, including international poker stars.
  • Presale
    There will be several stages of ICO.
    We offer attractive terms to investors at an early stage.
  • Game
    You can use CASH to play at different limits.
    A well-considered network structure enables users to earn additional passive income.
  • New platforms are growing
    The audience of the new platforms is growing rapidly.
    For example, a new game launched on Facebook Messenger attracts 1 million users during the first week.
  • Start
    This is not the first project in the gambling industry for our team.
    We will launch our poker room on time.
    At the moment, the project is in the final stage of development.
  • Royalty
    CASH token holders will earn royalties from the integration of the Cash Poker Pro platform into other systems.
  • Product
    Our poker room is so user-friendly that it would find its audience even if we did not use the blockchain technology.
  • Rake
    Both the Cash Poker Pro and each CASH token holder earn money from each pot.