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The First Decentralized End-to-End Blockchain Platform for the Automotive World! 

Cap:25 888 ETH
Goal:25 888 ETH
Price:1 ETH = 1580 tokens
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About CarVDB

CarVDB is building a new revolutionary technology which will change the conventional concept of how modern date vehicle trade, insurance services and vehicle maintenance should be done. As a first step we are moving it on the blockchain.

The platform will integrate four interconnected modules, which are meant to solve most of the problems vehicle owners currently face:

•    Decentralized Vehicle Marketplace for free trade and rentals between private and professional sellers and buyers.

•    Free vehicle database searchable by VIN, containing vehicle technical specifications, manufacturer information, maintenance history and reports, scheduled maintenance requirements, repair manuals and much more.

•    Powerful Auction Platform, allowing setup of timed and live auctions both by private individuals and auction houses.

•    Enhanced Insurance Platform, wrapped around the concept of reducing the premium people pay and in the same time reducing the risk and cost for insurance companies.

•    Fully Automated Vehicle Service Center solution, aimed at improving the services provided by Vehicle Service and Repair Centers and increasing the customer satisfaction from the contracted vehicle maintenance activities