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Communication is the integral part of everyday life. No single person can live without communicating with others. Through communication, human beings explore the world in which they live, familiarize themselves with other people and with themselves (the person changes his or her views, habits, values, behavior...). Successful communication among people does not, however, take place automatically. Thus, communication is a process, in which the involved parties send, receive, and interpret messages or symbols, which are connected to a specific meaning. Communication is always a two-way process, because it incorporates simultaneous mutual perception and mutual exchange of messages.

Communication enables us to harmonize opposing opinions, achieve various goals, and also to set-up, maintain, and change mutual relationships. Although communication is the most important skill a human possesses, it is rarely intentionally learned.

Effective message sending: the message must be clear and understandable, the sender must be trustworthy, but we should also acknowledge the importance of feedback, especially in terms of how the message affected the recipient.

Modern-day-man uses numerous different symbols:

  • Withspokenorwrittenword,heconveyshisthoughts,emotions,andfeelingstoothers
  • With sound signals he draws attention onto himself (horn-honking of drivers), or has fun
  • With pictures, drawings, statues he expresses his view of the world, expresses the beauty he feels
  • With lights ymbols he conveys rules.