carblox (CRX) ICO

updated 01 January 2018

Worldwide Vehicle Market

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Status: ended
Public sale: 10 Jan`18-09 Feb`18
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About carblox

The purpose of the project: Creation of a blockchain-based platform and ecosystem, which are based on digital information about vehicles.

The Carblox platform creates a digital "twin" of the vehicle and provides a number of services that are based on the register of information about the use of the vehicle. The register will contain the complete reliable history of the vehicle and will reflect:

  • the original manufacturer's equipment (Car model, Engine size, etc.);
  • vehicle characteristics at a particular time (Age, Mileage, Fuel consumption, etc.);
  • maintenance history;
  • all parts replacement history;
  • history of all installed additional equipment;
  • roadworthiness inspection history;
  • diagnostic results (obtained either at the service station or during maintenance);
  • owner history;
  • vehicle accident history;
  • criminal history of the vehicle (hijacking, theft, damage, means of committing crime, physical evidence, being tracked, pledged);
  • insurance history;
  • data on the style of driving, emergency calls, vehicle system errors and other information collected using smart telematics, which are increasingly integrated by vehicle manufacturers.

The listed information is valuable because it is useful for a large number of different users of the Carblox ecosystem. This provides the potential for development of the system.

Storage and handling of information in Carblox will be ensured by modern decentralised technologies: distributed file system (IPFS) and blockchain (Ethereum based). The permanence and accessibility of information in the blockchain will establish trust between the parties of the ecosystem and confirm the authenticity of the information received from the registry.

The Carblox ecosystem economy is also based on blockchain. Carblox token (CRX) is an ERC20-compatible token issued on the basis of the Ethereum platform. Smart contracts supported by Ethereum will be actively applied in the Carblox platform in the part of the functionality where decentralisation allows for anonymity, security and authenticity of information.