CAR Token roadmap

updated 22 October 2018

Automatic ParkApp Pay Platform

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Status: ended
Public sale: 01 Sep`18-30 Oct`18
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  • Nov 2017

    Token Sale preparation and conduct • Legal preparation, Whitepaper • Marketing campaign

  • Jan 2018

    Token Sale results processing • Runway specification based on the of the Token Sale results • Fiatisation and Development of the planned functionality

  • June 2018

    ‘ParkApp Pay’ Beta launch • Public launch of an automatic parking payment platform for carmakers and municipalities

  • Sept 2018

    Parkoin wallet • Integration of an ERC20 wallet into ParkApp mobile app • Starting to accept the service fee in Parkoin

  • Oct 2018

    US Expansion • Integration with US commercial parking corporations • Launching USA marketing campaign

  • Nov 2018

    ParkApp Pay development • Commercial ticket-less parking payments • On-street parking payments

  • Dec 2018

    Peer to peer services • Launch of peer to peer service

  • Jan 2019

    Further geographical expansion • At this point we expect to have at least 2M US drivers as our active users • Launching a marketing campaign in Canada, UK, Europe, Japan, China, South Korea

  • Mar 2019

    Integration with car-related services • Integration with car washers, car services, toll roads, etc.

  • Jan 2020

    Integration with partners worldwide • Integration with European and Asian municipal on-street parking and car services partners

  • Jan 2021

    Unified International tool and platform • At this point we expect to have 25M users with daily Parkoin turnover of 120M PRK.