updated 01 January 2018

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Public sale: 24 Feb`18-24 Mar`18
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Fibonacci is a unique system designed for customers to cultivate cannabis, herbs, vegetables and other agricultural products at home. Fibonacci is integrated with iOS and Android apps that monitors and controls vegetation processes inside.

Fibonacci home farm is a four-cell indoor automatic vegetative grower cultivating predominantly cannabis coming along with an option to grow tomatoes, peppers and dozens sorts of vegs. Unlike other types of growers Fibonacci home farm does not require professional agronomic skills either specific knowledge regarding vegetation process. All operations related to photosynthesis are scripted and fully automated. Our customer may easily control and monitor cultivation cycles by smart phone. There are two vegetation cells which allow to grow two large plants in sequence. Thus, you do not have to wait for crop maturity, opening doors to almost daily availability of cultivated agricultures for consummation.

An installed climate control system in the appliance supports fruitful vegetation shortly. Fibonacci home farm may be easily placed indoor providing its customers with pure organic and high quality products. Stylish and advanced design makes appliance an inherent part of a modern residential interior.

All plants are grown without soil being isolated from diseases or insect pests. No weeding or special monitoring is needed. As a result, average yields are greater due to a scripted water supply, a proper lighting specter, number of "sunny" hours, efficient use of nutrients.