Token sale info
Status: ongoing
Start: 03 November 2017
End: 31 December 2027
Cap: 1060009 eth
Goal: 1060009 eth
Price: 1 eth = 0 tokens
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What is Bulleon?

Bulleon is a cryptocurrency, it will be a product with a massive amount of work involved. By owning Bulleon, you will be eligible for dividends. Bulleon is compatible with most crypto-service providers and exchanges. Rate lifting force will be offered by exponential labor input for the project developing, maintenance and marketing. Our goal is not just to create the practical cryptocurrency, but make it valuable, fast, wanted, safe and simply beautiful. Once the Force Gathering Whirl of Bulleon (read more about it on whitepaper) is rolled out, it begins to gather reputation and trust, causing the price to rise. Have you asked yourself a question: do we have a cryptocurrency that is valuable, fast, safe and affordable to use? You may answer: “yes, we have a Bitcoin”. However, the main problem is that Bitcoin’s blockchain has several problems that make it incompatible as the right choice for a using it as a tool for payments for goods and services.

Bulleon's structure

Bulleon is published on the Ethereum ecosystem produced on the blockchain, where it poses as a financial value. Although this improves the surface token slightly, it is considered to be an exciting development. However, ERC20 makes the resources more accessible to replace and ensures that it can work with Dapps that meet the same standard. So far, the ERC20 standard allows any compatible token to be a natural fit with new projects and services. Besides, the introduction of this rule also provides tokenization of other functions, including the right to vote. Bulleon project tokens allow investors to vote or decide on what the future of the project should look like.

ICO structure

There will be a total of 12 phases. Each phase will contain 760,000BLN for a fixed price. Phases are not time-constrained, once one phase sells out, the next one will start automatically.

Smart contract structure

Bulleon’s smart contract is written in the Solidity programming language and is completely open source. Anyone who wants to explore it gets full rights to do so. It is perfectly understandable to know what functions its code contains. Smart contract is constructed in a way that the contract owner would not have any authority to control it after it will be deployed on the Ethereum network. A few functions have been left in the assembly- in case something unexpected happens- but they have no effect on Bulleon and its economy; you can sleep in peace. The functions left to maintain the contract owner are: change contract owner or withdrawal address, force withdraw ETH (if the funds are stuck in a contract), burn a specific amount of Bulleons. No one can ever create more Bulleons, move them to another address, or otherwise manage Bulleons inside the smart contract.