Builderium (BUILD) ICO

updated 27 November 2018

Builderium is a revolution in construction contractors hiring that reduces construction costs

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Status: ended
Public sale: 23 Jul`18-17 Dec`18
Cap: 28 000 ETH
(9 338 280 USD)
Goal: 2 500 ETH
(833 775 USD)
Price: 1 BUILD = 0.000016 ETH
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About ICO

Why Builderium?

The goal of Builderium is to solve major problems in the construction industry while drastically reducing the costs of projects by using blockchain.

How does it work?

We designed a clever system that utilizes the powers of blockchain technology to revolutionize the way construction contractors are hired. Here is how it works:

  1. The client places an order;
  2. Contractors bid for an order and the lowest bid wins;
  3. We secure all transactions with blockchain;
  4. The building of your dream is constructed with top quality on a budget!