Buddy (PreICO) (BUD) ICO

updated 02 August 2018

Decentralized Development Automation Platform

Token sale info
Status: ongoing
Start: 15 June 2018
End: 29 October 2018
Cap: 60 000 ETH
(17 290 200 USD)
Goal: 8 000 ETH
(2 305 360 USD)
Price: 1 BUD = 0.0002 ETH
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Buddy (PreICO)

About Buddy

Marketplace Partners
We've partnered with cloud leaders you already use:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Github
  • Docker Store

Trusted by Well-Known Customers
Respected brands already using Buddy to automate their app development operations

  • Inc. Magazine
  • CGI
  • Docplanner
  • Flow
  • Anki
  • & many others

Integrations & Channel Partners
We have probably the richest integrations with all kinds of ecosystems

  • Amazon Web Services Technology Partner
  • Google Cloud Partner
  • Rollbar integration partner
  • New Relic integration partner
  • Data Dog integration partner
  • & many more

Problems & Challenges

  • Barriers to Development Automation: Application automation development provides a huge boon to organizations, but it is challenging to adopt
  • Difficult scaling: Large teams which use automation as a key differentiator and value driver, struggle to scale up their DevOps infrastructure
  • Obsolete tools: Solutions that come and go can’t continue to innovate and will have to be replaced
  • No solutions for cross-functional teams: Damaging to organizational performance & culture with clashes of attitudes and conflicting goals

Our Solution

  • [Already Delivered] Automation Pipelines: Automate application development and deployment with 70+ ready-to-use steps
  • [Already Delivered] Sandboxes β: Full-stack previews & test environments that work as automated instant application previews for every code branch
  • [Already Delivered] Integrations: Rich pallet of dedicated integrations provides comprehensive support for many stacks
  • [ICO Goal] Automation GRID: Decentralized infrastructure for running an infinite number of automation tasks for app development
  • [ICO Goal] DevOps Marketplace: An app store for developers by developers with solutions that automate application development
  • [ICO Goal] BlockchainOps: Development automation bots made for smarter, better & faster Blockchain apps

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