BrainerZ (BRNZ) ICO

updated 01 January 2018

The First Blockchain Playground for Social Games

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Status: ended
Public sale: 01 May`18-17 Jun`18
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About BrainerZ

Just a moment before you read this document, which describes the BrainerZ project in detail, I’d like to tell you in my own words about the vision we have for this project, which has captivated us for the past year. As a team, we’ve worked together for the past four years, developing apps, founding ventures, and reaching millions of users with our work. Now it all comes down to BrainerZ, our most exciting project. Most blockchain projects aim to CHANGE the world, DISRUPT the market, or DECENTRALIZE power as we know it. That’s great, but we at BrainerZ have a different goal in mind, one that’s slightly more FUN, INTERACTIVE, and SOCIAL.

We intend to launch a public crowdsale for the BrainerZ official token we call BRNZ. Some people may ask, “Why a token sale?” Launching the BrainerZ project with a token sale will give us the marketing advantages of a token sale (compared to traditional fundraising) and build a community that will join the BrainerZ journey. That way, we can position the BrainerZ platform in the long term as a leading crypto-game platform that its community enjoys designing, building, and sharing.

On our platform – we call it a Playground – crypto-owners, social gaming addicts, and curious minds from all over the world will test their skills and knowledge and gain chances to win ERC20 tokens and BRNZ tokens, the premium currency of BrainerZ. You can expect fun, excitement, challenges, and more from our blockchain-gaming platform. Why? Because:

  • People love knowledge-based games: Trivia, quizzes, riddles, strategy, and braintraining – all of these gaming concepts have existed for centuries. Today, these concepts have evolved into apps, and social and competitive components have made knowledge games even more sophisticated, exciting, and scalable. BrainerZ takes these games to the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
  • The market is ready: Crypto-owners and gamers are our main segment. Incredible projects in the cryptocurrencies field will want (and already are wanting) our platform as a place to send their communities to play our crypto-games. Most tokens are usable only when traded, but we will open the door for making them a valid playable currency (our first partnership will go live soon, and many more will join it).
  • Content, content, and content: More games, more challenges, more users – all will expand the BrainerZ community. This growth will increase demand for the BRNZ token that unlocks ALL of the experiences in the Playground – and most important – encourages the community to create its own crypto-game content.