Bonpay (BON) ICO

updated 02 October 2017

Blockchain powered wallet and debit card service for variety of cryptocurrencies, that makes transactions as simple as possible.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 31 Oct`17-28 Nov`17
Cap: 200 000 ETH
(29 800 000 USD)
Goal: 15 000 ETH
(2 235 000 USD)
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Bonpay: History of creation

Bonpay team is a group of experienced professionals and crypto enthusiasts whose ultimate goal is to promote the use of cryptocurrency, make it simple, fast and secure. Analyzing the situation on the market we made a conclusion that long transaction and confirmation time, as well as high exchange costs and overall complexity of the processes on the market make it harder to use blockchain assets for businesses and individuals. We are committed to changing the situation and removing these obstacles to allow crypto-community to benefit from the stable and fast work of the system. Bonpay is able to do this by providing a sufficient liquidity based on safe interaction between several equal participants and connection of different blockchains within one decentralized network. With regard to people’s funds, transparency, fair rates and the best value per money are the first principles to comply with. Bonpay builds its work just on that concern.

Bonpay in a nutshell

Bonpay Wallet is a state-of-the art, easy and convenient service, available from any device with fully-functioning web-version. Each user will be able to download Bonpay App for free in both Android and iOS versions in 2018. By registering an account a user automatically creates a Bonpay multi-currency wallet and a private key which will at first be securely stored in a hot and cold storage to safeguard your funds. After creation the wallet can be instantly loaded with cryptocurrency. To do that the user will have to log into his/her account, go to the Deposit section and choose the “With cryptocurrency” option in the list of deposit options or just make a click on his/her wallet’s crypto balance. Send assets to newly generated address listed on the deposit page. Bonpay Crypto Card is the latest technology implementation which makes the crypto currencies withdrawal available for anyone. Such features, as enhanced security and simplicity of usage make it irreproachable.

Bonpay target audience

Basically we want to make a withdrawal of cryptocurrencies widespread and available for masses. But by that time our products would engage everyone, who is interested in a service, which is the assembly of the best withdrawal options and new possibilities. Every way of Crypto usage will find an individual approach with Bonpay products. We have a versatile cryptocurrencies card solution for any option. Bonpay Сard is an ideal solution to withdraw funds for cryptocurrencies exchange traders, miners, Internet marketers, webmasters and freelancers. It can be used easily and quickly regardless of geographical and banking boundaries.

Decentralized Liquidity Network

With Bonpay Сards our clients can make online and offline purchases with any blockchain assets of their choice and make transfers safely and instantly to any corner of the world. With the implementation of DLN Bonpay users will be able to manage their payments and transfers, and convert more cryptocurrencies to each other and fiat as easy and fast as to send a message. DLN will give you freedom to choose which asset and how much you want to spend, and will only take a few moments. Bonpay team is developing a new-age technology and soon will implement it in our business model. DLN will be based on interaction of several smart-contracts that enable liquidity providers, rich individuals as well as Bitcoin exchanges, safely cooperate rather than compete and provide their customers increased liquidity. Participants don’t need to trust each other as everything is cryptographically protected.