Blue One (BLU) ICO

updated 07 September 2018

Decentralized Blockchain Advertising Platform

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Status: ongoing
Public sale: 01 Aug`18-31 Oct`18
Cap: 42 000 ETH
(8 776 740 USD)
Goal: No info
Price: 1 BLU = 0.00002857142857142857 ETH
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Blue One

About Blue One

The Blue One Coin is the first coin to incorporate advertising mining concepts.

The concept is getting coins over time by watching advertisements which makes one difficult mining such as Bitcoin mining easier for the public.

The Blue One Coin is the first fully decentralized advertising mining coin managed by the Ethereum Smart contract. For a step forward in the advertising market, it enables the advertising platform to be completely transparent and enables everyone to participate in the mining process.

Handsets with an advertisement platform will be open and available to anyone. Unlike existing types, it is a key terminal applying blockchain technology. Starting from the Ethereum BlockChain, we will lead the activation of the advertising market without the involvement of third parties.

We first introduce you to the Blue One Coin, the token called BLU. The BLU token holder is granted the first advertisement platform access and entitled to activities.