BlocVehicle team

updated 14 October 2018

Hoping to bring great change to the economic ecosystem, BlocVehicle enables users to store and share data for their vehicles in a blockchain

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Status: ended
Public sale: 15 Aug`18-31 Oct`18
Cap: 61 098 ETH
(8257394.7 USD)
Goal: 2 000 ETH
(270 300 USD)
Price: 1 VCL = 0.0002 ETH
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    Changha Lee
    BlocVehicle CEO and Co-founder, CEO at Banet Information Technology
    KJ Choi
    BlocVehicle COO and Co-founder, CEO at COMPASS System
    Seongtae Kwak
    BlocVehicle CTO and Co-founder, CEO at SOFTBase
    Sungki Lim
    BlocVehicle CMO and Co-founder, CEO at Adweb Communications
    Byoungchang Han
    Youngkeun Moon
    Jusung Kim
    Full Stack Developer
    Munseok Koh
    Full Stack Developer
    Dalsu Byun
    Blockchain Developer
    Changgyun Kim
    Blockchain Developer
    Dongil Kim
    System Manager
    Yunho Cho
    Project Leader
    Eokgi Lee
    Blockchain Developer
    Seonho Kim
    Blockchain Developer
    Juncheol Sin
    System Engineer
    Jaehun Jung
    Back-end Developer
    Eunhee Lee
    Front-end Developer
    Jeehyun Pyun
    UX/UI Developer
    Geunhyung Lee
    Front-end Develope
    Euna Kim
    UI Designer
    Hyunhee Yoon
    UI Designer
    Sooyeon Choi
    Chinese Comunicator
    Seungchan Lee
    Kyounghoun Ryu
    Jonghyun Shin
    Advisor, Ex- Managing Director at LG CNS
    Jeongkun Lee
    Co-Founder and Advisor, CEO at Saltware
    Legal Advisor
    Kwangshin Lee
    Accounting Advisor , Managing director of Taeyoung accounting corporation
    Wonsuk Lee
    Advisor, Professor of computer science at Yonsei University, in Seoul
    Hagbae Kim
    Advisor, Professor of electrical engineering at Yonsei University, in Seoul
    Gyomoon Jin
    Advisor, CEO at EZFARM
    YJ Kang
    Co-Founder and Advisor, CEO at ICK
    Hwanhyo Park
    Blockchain Technology Advisor, CEO at Byclip
    Giseong Kim
    Automotive Industry Advisor , CEO at Danam Motors
    Brian Heo
    Marketing Advisor, CEO at Roits.Nine
    Seunghee Lee
    Marketing Advisor