BlockPool (BPL) ICO

updated 17 May 2017

Blockchain solutions for the real world

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Status: ended
Public sale: 01 May`17-30 Jun`17
Cap: No info
Goal: 10 000 000 USD
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Blockpool is a pool of blockchain based solutions for multiple business verticals. We deliver real-world B2B solutions for a diverse portfolio of clients including but not limited to: Arts & Media, Fintech, Brands, Music & Sports applications. The BLOCKPOOL platform is a data agnostic, modular platform coded in Java and Javascript. Its core is designed to solve multiple different problems by utilizing plugins, blockchain sidechains, and other SaaS modular solutions. The BPL Platform will be a data agnostic, digital router used to connect legacy systems and leverage the best parts of the blockchain, all while maintaining security and system stability. Our solution is designed to be flexible and easily maintained.

BLOCKPOOL have realised the potential of delivering a diverse range of Blockchain solutions to clients ranging from Blue chip corporates through to to boutique lifestyle brands. The BLOCKPOOL Blockchain has been developed over 5 years of real world research and development into Blockchain technology, smart contracts, delegated networks and applications specifically built for B2B data workflows. Despite a huge interest in Blockchain technology we are the first company to develop a serious and tangible  solution that will be the first to realise a mainstream market adoption. BLOCKPOOL has already been financially engaged for projects that deliver consultation, proof of concept and ongoing contracts. We are able to deliver to multiple business verticals as shown by our existing procurement of  briefs and contracts for Finance, Lifestyle Brands, Music & Art Distribution, Licensing, Copyright & Resale for Mixed Media, Gaming Applications.