BlockFollow roadmap

updated 28 May 2018

BlockFollow will provide useful and next-level tools, we will make communication, trading and making payments easy.

Token sale info
Status: ongoing
Start: 09 July 2018
End: 27 August 2018
Cap: 20 400 ETH
(6 355 212 USD)
Goal: 252 ETH
(78505.56 USD)
Price: 1 BFN = 5555 ETH
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  • Pre-ICO

    The maximum distribution will be 20.000.000 BFN, If not all BFN will get sold during the 2-week term, the leftover will be rolled to the ICO

  • ICO

    If not all BFN will get sold during the 4-week term, the 25% of leftover will be distributed to our investors, and the 75% will get burned.

  • Website Alpha

    It will have reduced functionality, but registration will be opened for a few selected previous investor to help to test our features.

  • Website Beta and Desktop Wallet

    We will be testing the social tools, economic system, charting tools and the news and event system.

  • BFChain Release

    We will switch to our own blockchain in order to provide fast and reliable services.

  • Website Release and Online Wallet

    All BlockFollow features will be ready to use. Online wallet will get released, allowing fast and free transactions between our members.

  • Mobile Apps and ATMs

    Android and iOS applications will be released. We start deploying ATMs throughout Europe to make transactions even easier.