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updated 17 October 2018

A Blockchain-based Advanced TCP/IP Architecture Providing Constant Connectivity for Dynamic Networks.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 11 Oct`18-17 Oct`18
Cap: 15 000 000 USD
Goal: No info
Price: 1 BLOC = 0.01 USD
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    Zhongxing Ming
    Shu Yang
    Dai Pan
    Co-founder / COO
    Dong Huo
    Strategic Scientist
    Qi Li
    Expert of Network Security and Cryptography
    Wei Xiao
    Data Scientist
    Claire Xiong
    Director of Business and Communications
    Peter Ran
    Director of Business Development in North America
    Lucy Liu
    Director of Marketing in North America
    Kun Liu
    Head of Marketing
    Kun Hu
    Head of Development
    Zhenzhou Wu
    Cloud Platform Director
    Fred Baker
    Technical advisor
    Shai Mohaban
    Technical advisor
    Jiangchuan Liu
    Technical advisor
    Hoan Soo Lee
    Business advisor
    Roger Lim
    Business advisor
    Alex Likhtenstein
    Business advisor



The platform looks good to me and seems promising in the future.Good luck


An above-average project with good team and investors + huge hype. Personally invested in it.




Look at this project, then the overall picture is not possible, but the coin is a coin that is coin coin with a good pro Jack. And the future is much brighter.

  • Service centric networking approach to improving IoT connectivyt and capabilites. 
  • High growth market - IoT
  • IoT market will become very valuable when IoT infrastructure (beyond devices) are developed with large scale government support
  • talented team with a strong whitepaper
  • using a variable, free market token for incentives for IoT participation is a very challenging pursuit, liklihood of mass adoption is low
  • Anyone adding IoT platforms to their diversified crypto exposure portfolio ought to take a look at blockcloud low weight addition