Block66 team

updated 27 September 2018

Block66 is developing a new mortgage lending platform that leverages blockchain technology.

Status: ended
Public sale: 06 Sep`18-20 Oct`18
Cap: 12 285 000 USD
Goal: 12 285 000 USD
Price: 1 B66 = 0.1 USD
Blockchain: Ethereum
Offering type: Utility
Country: Canada
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    Joe Markham
    CEO & Co-Founder
    James Tuckett
    CPO & Co-Founder
    Kamil Mieczakowski
    COO & Co-Founder
    Andrew Holway
    Cody Lamson
    Lead Solidity Developer
    Vishal Karangutkar
    Solidity Developer
    Gabriel Nicola
    Senior Developer
    Krysta McCallum
    Chief of Staff
    Ryan Sanger
    Anna De Grave
    Product Designer & Animator
    Henry Doe
    Contract Product Designer
    Piper Moretti
    Rob Beswick
    Maurice Herlihy
    Dom Wolf
    Stanislas Roquemaurel-Galitzin



Block66 is not a typical real estate ICO. It is not a crowdfunding real estate platform, which is 99% of what's out there.


Block66 has a team of entrepreneurs who've sold businesses in the past, are in the mortgages space (CEO has owned a mortgage company for 5+ years, CPO sold a P2P lending company in the UK, advisors have worked with Habito, a $250M UK real estate startup).


It's not necessarily a "sexy" space, but it's required for 99% of real estate transactions, and will get a fee from almost every single real estate purchase, creating a stream of tokens for B66 token holders.


I agree.