Bitpark Coin (BITPARK) ICO

updated 01 January 2018

New P2P Insurance Platform

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Status: ended
Public sale: 15 Sep`16-20 Oct`16
Cap: No info
Goal: No info
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Bitpark Coin

About Bitpark Coin

P2P Insurance

Through P2P Insurance and crypto-currency, we strive to provide an insurance service that is both transparent and user-directed. We will provide a variety of services, including smart contract technology to ensure fulfillment of contractual obligations, separation of billing management costs, an approval and compensation system managed between users, a user-based evaluation system and more. In doing so, we will bring this service to fruition.


We aim to provide a service that more easily allows for groups of friends and communities to assist one another, while also providing for a smoother communal money management system. From ancient times in Japan, there exists an organization of mutual help known as ‘Mujin.' Through utilizing crypto-currency functionality and the “Community” feature, we will provide a similar, smaller-scale mutual-help system to our users.