Bitcoin Crown (BTCC) ICO

updated 06 May 2018

Cryptocurrency for online game lovers.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 14 May`18-31 May`18
Cap: 5 000 ETH
Goal: 25 000 ETH
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Cryptocurrency for online game lovers

Bitcoin Crown is the digital trading token that will give game developers, content creators and gaming communities the required crypto-backed value and tools for implementing and managing virtual goods.

Project description

The Bitcoin Crown platform offers the most secure cryptographic platform for online gamers and cryptocurrencies around the world. Bitcoin Crown promises to become the largest platform promoting an online gaming community.

This platform will have its own BTCC token with which game developers, gamers and content creators will be able to pay for services – for example, buy virtual goods for games and so on. Bitcoin Crown will also develop a powerful infrastructure of open source software development kits (SDKs), that is, wallets, game plug-ins, apps to manage virtual items, and a payment gateway platform.


Bitcoin Crown has developed a mobile application that will allow users to interact and exchange information. The platform will have an automatic reward system that will reward the efforts of pertinent and hardworking customers on the platform. In addition, game developers will be able to use this opportunity to increase the number of gamers they could have on their platform.

In addition, there will be no intermediaries or intermediaries meddling with transactions between software developers and users on the platform.

Team and advisors

The team includes such experts as Sk Monjur Hossain, ICO Fund raiser and crypto enthusiast, Shofikul Islam with 11 years’ experience in crisis communications, stakeholder relations and media outreach, Dibakor Bhattacharya, adept at analyzing data and developing innovative marketing campaigns, and others.


BTCC Coin and virtual assets will be created according to the ERC-20 token standard on the Ethereum network. Several smart contracts will be used to sell the tokens, for example, Top List Contract, Smart Wallet Contract, Subscription Contract and so on. In total, 70 million tokens will be issued, of which 20 million will be allocated to the bonus program.

- 60% (30,000,000), will be sold to BTCC buyers, for any bonuses used in the ICO period;

- 20% (10,000,000) reserved to motivate the community, beta testers and strategic partners;

- 20% (10,000,000) will be distributed among the team and advisors.

Soft cap: $2.5 million

Hard cap: $10 million

Unsold tokens on will be burned.