updated 23 November 2018

Platform that will hold your crypto assets. The main advatages are: security, trust, privacy, fully regulated

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Status: ended
Public sale: 15 Nov`18-31 Jan`19
Cap: No info
Goal: 100 ETH
(18 526 USD)
Price: 1 BiPS = 0.0016 ETH
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Moneybrain Ltd is a trusted holder and administrator of assets acquired on behalf of BiPS Token holders. This trusted holders are known as a custodian. The custodian is a financial institution that holds assets for safekeeping to minimize their theft or loss. Moneybrain Ltd, as an FCA regulated business will seek to ensure funds are held in segregated client accounts when appropriate.

Key features are the following:
- Security: The security offered by blockchain protocols allows to create a token that can be used to remit, store, or borrow.
- Trust: The team have successfully built out and currently operate a fully regulated P2P retail loan and savings platform in the UK.
- Privacy: Anonymity will be supported by blockchain smart contracts.
- Regulation: Building on established and accredited United Kingdom compliance standards of data protection (GDPR), Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) protocols, we will be significantly increasing the global access, operational efficiency and liquidity of the marketplaces for assets that are not currently tokenized, such as Property and Debt Instruments.