Bioritmai (RITM) ICO

updated 01 January 2018

A personalized medicine of the future

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Status: ended
Public sale: 30 Jan`18-13 Feb`18
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About Bioritmai

Bioritmai is a publicly available system for monitoring the state of the body and early detecting of circulatory system diseases (CSD). It belongs to the sphere of personalized medicine and is developed with the use of blockchain technology. Bioritmai is designed to struggle with one of the main causes of mortality from cardiovascular diseases.

Our aim is personalized forecasting of risks, detecting and analysis of cardiovascular diseases, which includes use of technologies of deep neural networks as well as a biorhythm-bracelet, in which high-accuracy censors for determining arterial blood pressure, heart rate (pulse), body temperature, saturation of blood with oxygen, electrical activity of the skin, electrocardiogram (ECG), measuring the dynamics of human body’s biorhythms will be used. Further on the list of measured biomarkers will be expanded and the functional will be constantly improving.

The Bioritmai system was created to simplify the exchange of data, to forecast dangerous pathological disorders and to take measures to eliminate them on time.