Bigbom Eco (BBO) ICO

updated 25 October 2018

Bigbom Eco - Decentralized Advertising Ecosystem

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Status: ended
Public sale: 28 May`18-10 Jun`18
Cap: 12 000 ETH
Goal: No info
Price: 1 BBO = 20000 ETH
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Bigbom Eco

About Bigbom Eco

Smart Contract
A smart contract is created based on the parties' agreement on requirements and price.
All sellers are listed on the marketplace. Bigbom creates the ratings and the buyers create the reviews.
Bigbom Eco's advertising system optimizes ad campaigns automatically. It manages campaigns based on KPIs, automatically allocates budget, and quickly creates A/B tests.
Transactional Savings
Bigbom Eco reduces transaction costs by over 98%. Processing speed can be as fast as 30 seconds.

About Bigbom

Bigbom is a decentralized advertising ecosystem. The project seeks to create a transparent, simple, safe, decentralized and effective platform on which advertisers and customers can establish a simple and convenient interaction system. Bigbom focuses on low commissions, and a quick search for contractors. The project’s target audience encompasses all users or startups who want to make themselves known, but do not know how.