BeeSocials (BEE) ICO

updated 07 September 2018

The Platform for Socials

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Status: ended
Public sale: 05 Jan`18-02 Feb`18
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About BeeSocials

BeeSocials is an online platform connecting you to social events happening in HOMES around you. Think of it as the ‘AirBnB’ of events. Instead of letting a stranger sleep on your couch, invite them over for a fun event like a party, dinner or other social event.

Our platform allows you to hold events at home and safely enjoy them with locals. Hosts make money, guests save money. Everyone makes new friends. Our platform takes care of all the hassle, including: Event Listing, advertising, ticketing, payment processing and security with full liability insurance for all.

BeeSocials is also the world’s first events platform leveraging Blockchain technology to reduce fees by up to 90%(Compared to others like AirBnB experiences) and provide a complete, secure and reliable solution to connect hosts and guests around the world.

Why should I invest?

We could tell you about how amazing and world changing our platform will be (which it will), but let’s face it, any investor wants to minimise risk and maximise returns right? Well, not only do we give you this option, we also give flexibility for multiple exit options to get your ROI too! With our voucher exchange program, we guarantee to buy back your tokens at the rate you paid, should the token price fall below this rate.

Here is why you should invest at a glance:

  • Lowest risk ICO: Voucher exchange programme to guarantee we pay back the amount you invested using our profits.
  • Multiple options for return on investment: Listing on exchange, Voucher exchange programme, Token buy-back programme
  • High chance of success: No direct competition unlike other ICOs focussed on FinTech
  • MVP built and market validation carried out for 1 year
  • Hosts already signed up
  • Platform to be launched Q1 2018, so the value of your BEE can go up as early as February 2018!